Food and Agro Code of Ethics sets minimum non-negotiable standards governed by integrity, honesty, fair-dealing and full compliance with all applicable laws. However, our stated code might not cover all situations, but will provide a frame of reference. Food and Agro Code of Ethics for doing business is based on four (4) pillars of our corporate values & beliefs:


Fair employment practice, free from any discrimination based on origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or sex.
Freedom of association, defined work time, work days, overtime, wages and benefits, minimum age for employment.


Healthy and safe work place environment; emergency preparedness; housing condition and privacy where provided; product quality and safety; safe and traceable ingredients; Good Manufacturing Practice.


Follow all basic norms for preserving the environment.
Install Environmental Management System. Observe all environmental laws; obtain necessary permits and honest reporting on violations due to any reason. Reasonable consumption of resources, pollution prevention and waste minimization.


Based on commitment to anti-bribery, grievance mechanism; records and origin; intellectual properties; conflict of interest.


Employment strictly on basis of required skill, competence and suitability of the individual, without any bias or discrimination based on origin, race, ethnicity, colour, sex, age, religion and nationality.
Value, uphold & protect personal dignity, confidential information, privacy, personal rights of each employee.
Employment of immediate family members is allowed only if based on competence and when there is no direct reporting relationship.


Respect all laws and act legally and honestly at all times. Must not engage in activities that may tarnish the reputation of Food and Agro. Treat company interest above personal or other interest and always act in the best interest of the company.
Embrace diversity and respect personal dignity of all fellow employees.
Avoid outside engagement and activities, unless requested by the company. Insist on honesty, care, respect and protect company’s assets and properties.


Food and Agro believes in free competition and fairness in all its business dealings with other parties. Condemn bribery and corruption in all forms in business dealings.

Compete to do business based on quality and competence. No Food and Agro staff or any one acting on behalf of Food and Agro will be engaged in improperly influencing any business deal by offering of bribes, personal favour, money, loan, kickback or similar monetary advantages, sexual favour whatsoever.

Food and Agro employees will not accept any money, loan, kickback or similar monetary advantage, entertainment/ pleasure offer from other party. Employees may however, accept symbolic gifts displaying other party’s company advertisement and reasonable meals during business discussion only.

Employees are expected to report any case of discrimination, harassment, damages or letting down of company’s interest. He/she may do so by reporting through Line Manager or HR Department; and to CEO when no action seem to be forthcoming.

In case of observed conflict of interest an employee may seek guidance if necessary from Line Manager, HR & Legal department